I Watched [Swordgirl]

Author: Yueer   8/19/00

I went to a lot of places, and finally bought the original and complete version of [Swordgirl]. When I saw the portion of show where Jianping's father was captured, tears filled up my eyes. I guess this was because I saw a girl, that everyone loved tenderly, and who never knew what worry was, crouched herself at the corner of the bed and quietly mourned. Maybe it was also because a girl like this was finally about to face the pains in life.

I could not help but sigh with feelings: Why do people have to grow up, and to take responsibility for all the sadness, frustration, love, and hatred? Even though I knew that it was impossible, but I still hoped that that particular girl will never grow up. I hoped that she forever remains transparent, lives a life without worries, and is cared for in all aspects by her godfather. Then this will be so good as if a dream has come true!!! Yet, in reality, she needs to grow up. How can a girl so pure and innocent like her escape the "magical curse" of love? With these feelings in my heart, I quickly finished the entire series.

I was touched by this series because everyone who was involved in the filming took this seriously and with sincerity. If some of the plot of the show seemed to be moving in a slow pace, I think maybe it was because the director thought that everyone had put in so much effort and all the scenes were really fantastic, thus he didn't have the heart to cut it.

Through the entire series, WeiWei's extraordinary effort, her tiredness, her sincerity, and her utmost fortitude, were visible. Just her fortitude and her effort were enough to touch people's heart. I would like to give this sentence to her, who is currently tirelessly filming: the best sword comes from continuous steeling; the fragrant of winter sweet origins from the harsh coldness.

Looking back into [Huan Zhu Ge Ge I], I recall that I often was enthralled by Weiwei's extraordinary performances that seemed to be written by the pen of a goddess. In [Huan Zhu Ge Ge I], there were really many performances that had already become the deluxe of acting. As time passes, these extraordinary performances will become more and more treasured.

For example, when Little Swallow met Emperor QianLong, her cleverness and her touching expression from being overwhelmed by the unexpected love; when Little Swallow and Lifei Empress walked in the imperial garden, the scene which she read "Asking the Grass" with innocence and naive; when she went to classroom with Wu A Ge, her cute expression; the time when she talked back to Emperor Qianlong; the scene that she was learning how to walk properly with Rong Mo Mo; the day that Wu A Ge and her expressed their feelings toward each other....etc. Not purposely done, but almost every one of them extraordinary, and this xtraordinary sense could be found everywhere. I believed that for long time after this, there will not be a person that can reach this high level of performance.

Also because of this, I believed that there will never be any section of a film that can make us ponder and look back endlessly as this one. Yet, Zhao Wei's performance in Swordgirl gave me a pleasant surprise. The most extraordinary of all the performances are the time when she fought against her martial art trainer and the scene that Shui Ruo Hen and Zhu Yu Long fought against each other. Of course, there is also the scene with Cao Gonggong. Thus, I believe that in [Love & Rain, WeiWei will also give us even more joyous surprises.

Before I started to watch the Swordgirl, I already planned that I would seriously write a good critic of this film. Yet, after I had finished it, I didn't want to write an essay with all those serious analyses and predictions no matter what; because, this is definitely a film made with one hundred percent precision and quality, and high standard of performances. For this, why should I try to pick bones out of an egg?

For some reason, when I got to this point, I suddenly wanted to laugh. To tell the truth, I wanted to laugh even when I was watching the Swordgirl. The reason was that watching WeiWei fighting really gave me a laughing sensation. It was not because she didn't perform well, or because it was not directed well, but because WeiWei really didn't have the buff body of Yan Zi Qiong, and watching her fighting, I always had a feeling of seeing some kind of dance. As the series progressed, this type of feeling became even stronger. I finally realize that it was not a martial art performance, but a dance!

In reality, Zhao Wei is a very gentle girl. She is not suited for martial art performances. I still remember the scene in Huan Zhu Ge Ge--the scene where Little Swallow used tree twigs as a sword to memorize the poem "Ancient Since Military Actions" and the scene when she kicked the shuttlecock. At that time, I already felt that this girl had really good dancing gestures....however, when it comes to martial art, even though WeiWei experienced a lot of hardships during filming, she still looked like she was dancing. Maybe it is because Chinese Kongfu and dancing came from similar origins?

I still like this type of dancing though.

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