More and More Fun in Filming "Swordgirl"

Author: Vicki Zhao      Originated from "Yes" magazine

I have played in "Swordgirl" for 3 months.

I have never got so much fun in a drama. When I started to act in "Swordgirl", I didn't know it would bring so much fun! The action of Xiao-dong Cheng and the technique of Yan-ping Zhu were very special. They were both very experienced directors. I thought the drama was good in quality with good actors. The effects looked like cartoon. The martial arts were different from the traditional ones. So I got more and more fun during filming, it may be due to my having characteristics of a boy.

The front half of the story described how Swordgirl's father longed for a son, but his wife passed away when she had given birth. So Swordgirl was treated and grew up as a boy. Her father forced her to study and practice martial arts. Swordgirl behaved well in front of her father, but like a guy outside. She had a male nanny and he helped her cheating people. This made her throw all restraint to the winds. One time when she was playing outside, she met Ruohan Shui (Nicky Wu). He was a professional killer sent by a group of bad people, but he seemed always worried about something. He was against Swordgirl's father and attempted to steal his treasure. Later, Swordgirl fell in love with him. At the same time, she met another guy and he was a prince. One day Swordgirl's father wanted her to marry the prince. When she heard the news she ran away with Ruohan Shui. They met the prince on the way. The prince asked her, "Why do you have to leave your home?" She told him truthfully. He said, "Is it bad to marry a prince?" She said, "I haven't met him before, so I don't know whether he is clever or not." "If I were the prince, would you marry me?" "I would not love you", she replied. Later the prince let her go. Before Swordgirl's gone, she said, "See you!" to him. After she had left, the prince thought for a while and couldn't let her go. So he joined Swordgirl and Ruohan Shui. Therefore Swordgirl went with two guys and a nanny to Shao-lin Temple, meeting the little monks.

During the period of escape, Ruohan Shui helped Swordgirl and betrayed the bad people. Then they started to fight against the bad people. It's so interesting.

When Swordgirl fell in love, she behaved back like a girl, with gentle characteristics, very different from fierce and tough "Swallow". In acting the Swordgirl, I thought I was a handsome guy with good martial arts and using my wits to attack people. So I thought she was clever, but she thought she was a boy. Before filming, I didn't expect anything before finishing it. I was full of confidence in this drama. I hope everybody will like it.

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