After Watching "Swordgirl"

Author: Yuer     20/8/00

Those moments in times, filled with laughter and heroic dreams; those morns, with worriless thoughts of innocent youth; those embraces full of sympathy, love, and warmth; those feelings of flourishing our passion and expressing our enthusiasm to the fullest; those sweet longings toward love...the sound of your light but rapid footsteps and your laughter; your swift shadow and your eyes, clear as water; your pure and unblemished heart, as if a crystal, likes a light in a dark night, lighted the proud forehead of youth and kindled the grasp of flammable love. Since then, the ignited love has locked the two hearts; since that moment, my eye sight can not leave you, my heart beats for you, and my life and death is chained to you; every smile of mine is because of you; and all these are expressed--between the mountains and the waters; on the top of the clouds; in the sweet and melodious sound of flutes.

Even if I have to use my life to fight, to exert my honesty against the trammels, and to face all difficulties ahead, burdening my heart; love, like a bamboo sprouting from the soil, will grow in the land of our heart strongly...Why, do we must grow up? Why, does a young heart must be burdened with endless emotions of gratitude, frustration, love, and hatred? Why is that life is delicate and elegant as a flower and yet easily perishes in coldness? Why do we must discover when we grow up that the world is not the same as before, and to find that tears must wash our hearts often and continue to flourish without an end?

Let me tell you, facing growing up, you are brave. When the proud wings have finally experienced storms; when the soft but weak arms finally can handle heavy burdens; those beautiful moments in the past are once more desperately longed for...When that beautiful flower of yesterday once more blooms, when youth and dreams, like a sunlight, shine on top of the heart, allow me to lightly and gently embrace you in my arms and never to let go, forever and ever.

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