Pearls of Wisdom from the Swordgirl

Author: Icha (Bali - Indonesia)     January, 2001

As I watched and finished the Adventure of the Swordgirl (Indonesian title: Pendekar Chien Phing), I found myself inspired by many philosophies of the film. Here are just some pearls that I've found and I'd like to share with everyone.

True Love
Of course this is the most attractive one! I've read some good essays on the film, and all of them saluted the deep love growing between Shui Rho Han and Luk Chien Phing (Lu Jian Ping). I admire Rho Han's willingness to stab himself in Chien Phing's sword, rather than hurting the girl's father, and eventually hurting the girl he loved the most. I love watching the couple's eyes meet together, as they nursed the baby, played in the street, etc¡K already mentioned many times. It was also true love that united Wu Ma (a Japanese samurai disguised as Chien Phing's nanny) and Song Yinniang (Rho Han's stepmother), bridging their differences.

Unconditional Love
As a girl, of course I'm crazy about Nicky Wu! He was so totally involved while playing Shui Rho Han, from being a cold professional killer to a thoughtful swordsman. He was willingn to let Chien Phing marry the Prince, as he understood he might not be able to live long enough to make Chien Phing happy. I also admire the Prince himself - Cu Yi Long (Zhu Yulong) for his ability to accompany Chien Phing to Shao Lin Temple, though he understood that the girl didn't want to marry him. I also admire his willingness to help the Lu family in the midst of wedding preparation of Rho Han and Chien Phing. But most of all, I admire his decision to let the girl go once again as Rho Han kidnapped Chien Phing in the middle of the imperial wedding. And I admire the Prince's sincere love that enabled him to feel the compassion towards Rho Han and Chien Phing, and to treat them as if they're his own brother and sister.

Friendship eventually grew between Rho Han and Yi Long after being rivals for such a long time. Chien Phing didn't care about the fact that Wu Ma was a Japanese. Race is not important, but Love and Friendship are.

Shie Ce (Xue Zi) - Rho Han's fellow apprentice eventually sacrificed herself to save Rho Han and Chien Phing from their enemy (Chao You Xiang - Rho Han's godfather) though the price was Xue Zi's death.

Chien Phing forgave Wu Ma's attack that brought death to her mother 18 years ago, as Chien Phing still considered Wu Ma as if he was her own mother. Rho Han chose to save his foster-father - Chao You Xiang, though he knew that it was Chao who brought death to Rho Han's family when he was only 7 years old. Though in the end Rho Han did kill Chao, he did that with no personal feeling, as letting Chao live will endanger the security of the state.

A very inspiring sentence of Rho Han that I remembered is about marriage. He said that marriage is not easy, but it's worth it. A couple should be able to find passion in the monotonous life of marriage, and even regard each other's weaknesses as something interesting and something to savor.

Life is worth living
Rho Han understood that he wouldn't live long enough to marry and make Chien Phing happy. Yet he still tried to live his life with her, wandering around the country, living and working as commoners, raising a baby... All just for a day, even an hour for life. Chien Phing herself insisted on marrying Rho Han, even if just for a day. Even just a day of happiness is worth a try. They're trying to live, and celebrating life in any condition.

Flexible as a bamboo, living as water
We should respect and honor our lives and others' as well. Rho Han eventually learned how to live like bamboo, flexible yet so powerful. He learned to respect his enemy's soul, to consider the soul's value before he took a life. From a killing machine who swung his sword without a blink, he became a swordsman who respected others' lives, and who was willing to die to save strangers. Chien Phing herself learned to live like water, flowing, giving happiness to others, without any worries. She grew up to be a mature girl without loosing her cheerful character and her ability to celebrate life.

So my final word is this: See The Swordgirl, and let's celebrate our life !