Performed by Days of May     ~Listen~

Walking in the breeze, I suddenly notice how gentle and tender the sunshine is.

Such tenderness makes me feel as if you were holding me in your arms.

Then I found that you have changed. From now on

How should I spend the night alone when it's cold?

You never seem to notice me or the beautiful scenes surrounding us.

I can never understand what you're thinking by looking into your eyes.

It's all right. You need a world of your own and you shall have it.

I show my tenderness for you by leaving you alone.

I don't understand this and I don't want it.

Why do I end up spending the night alone even though I so want to be with you?

I don't understand this and I don't want it.

Why is the mysterious beauty of love always so elusive?

I want to give you my greatest love.

Somehow I again stroll to the alley leading to your house without thinking it.

I neither cry nor laugh because it is all just a dream.

Neither warnings nor excuses are needed. I promised to let you go

If you wanted to. This is the way I show my tenderness for you.