Frequently Asked Questions

01: Where can I buy the VCDs and the photo album of the Swordgirl?
The VCDs of Swordgirl are available for online purchase at DVD Shelf. However, it doesn't have subtitles of any language. Therefore, you have to be able to understand Mandarin or Cantonese to watch it.

02: How many episodes does the Swordgirl have?
The original version has 31 episodes. The version aired in Mainland China is condensed into 20 episodes only. The video tape version in the video rental stores sometimes has 47 episodes. Its contents are the same as the 31-episode version.

03: Since the Swordgirl has 31 episodes, how come the VCD package I bought from YesAsia only has 30 discs? Did they cut off some parts?
For the convenience of packaging, the last three episodes are stored in two discs. Nothing is cut.

04: Who performs the theme songs?
Depending on the version you view, different theme songs are used. Please refer to the Music Score section of this website for the details.

05: Where can I buy the soundtrack of the Swordgirl?
There has never been any soundtrack of the Swordgirl released anywhere in any country. The links listed in the Music Score section of this website are directly provided by the company creating the songs. The webmistress of this website does not have the original files of these songs. Most of these songs are RealAudio files because the company does not want them to be downloaded for free. The two mainthemes are downloadable because this company uses them to promote their products. They sell the right to use these songs for the price of USD$30 / each. To purchase all of the songs used in the Swordgirl, you will need to pay about USD$600. I don't think many people can afford it.

06: Is the show dubbed in the actors' own voices?
In the Mandarin version, Jianping and Wuma are dubbed by the actors themselves. All of the other characters are dubbed by someone else. If you view versions of other languages, they are definitly not dubbed by the actors themselves.

07: At the very end of the last episode, what happens after the scene where both Nicky and Vicki are dressed in Japanese costumes and Vicki is walking slowly toward Nicky? Is it Vicki's nude scene?
The so-called nude scene seems to have been shown only in the version aired in Taiwan. It is deleted in all of the other versions. Anyway, in that scene, Vicki takes off her clothes. The viewers can see her bare back covered by a few strands of her hair. I just assume that they are going to do what husband and wife usually do. Another thing, the clothes they wear are not Japanese costumes; they are Chinese costumes. People think they look like Japanese costumes because Japan imported Chinese culture several hundred years ago. In mainland China, the costumes have changed a lot since China was conquered by Manchurians and Qing dynasty was established three and half centuries ago.

08: Did Nicky and Vicki get married at the end of the story?
Yes, they did. Although the wedding scene is not acted out, this conclusion is inferred from the last scene where Vicki is leaning on Nicky and they are being very intimate. The formal costumes indicate that they are not just dating. They look like a married couple who are deeply in love.

09: How to write to Nicky and Vicki?
Vicki regularly visits Vicki Zhao Wei International Net Family. Please go to the messageboard there and leave your messages. She will see them.

To write to Nicky, please send your email messages to the following address: