Episode # 1


In the late Ming Dynasty, China was falling apart and the people were suffering. Seeking to bring stability to the country, the emperor ordered his brother, Prince Cheng, and courtier Lu Dingwun to enter the tomb of the founding emperor of Ming Dynasty and retrieve a book titled the Divine Book of the Supreme Counselor. Though already pregnant for 9 months, Lu Dingwun's wife also went along. When they overcame every obstacle and finally got hold of the three star-shaped keys, Prince Cheng suddenly turned on them, attempting to kill the Lus and keep the book for himself. With the help of grave robber Lin Jili, they escaped the tomb safely. The three keys fell into the possession of Lu Dingwun, Lin Jili, and Prince Cheng respectively. Shaken and weakened by this traumatic experience, Huixing died after giving birth to a baby girl.

Eighteen years later, Lu Jianping had grown into a cheerful and energetic girl, but she liked to disguised herself as a man to help the poor and the weak. She liked to use kung fu to punish those bullies, but the truth was that she faked her kung fu with the help of Wu Ma, her caretaker. Her adventure began when she saved a poor young scholar Shui Ruohan (Nicky Wu) from some street thugs. Then she met two little boys and she also met the second royal prince who said he was called Zhu Yulong.

Detailed Story

(Credit: This section was adapted from the summaries written by KL for the 46-episode video tape version)

The emperor of the late Ming Dynasty commanded Prince Cheng (the emperor's royal brother) & Lu Dingwen (emperor's official) to go to the grave of the Ming Dynasty's 1st emperor to retrieve the legendary Divine Book of the Supreme Counselor, which was said to have been written by Liu Powun and recorded the methods and principles he had used to help the founding emperor govern the country. .

Lu Dingwen's pregnant wife, Du Huixin, who was an intelligent and outstanding swordwoman, secretly followed him & managed to save him from the traps in the grave. When Lu Dingwen & Prince Cheng were about to open the main chamber of the tomb with the 3 star keys, Prince Cheng turned around and tried to kill Lu Dingwen. However, Lin Jili, a grave thief stopped him.

Prince Cheng ran away with 1 star key. Then Lin Jili tried to open the tomb with only 2 star keys and set off the traps. Lu Dingwen grabbed 1 star key & Lin Jili grabbed the other star key. The 3 of them ran out (Lu Dingwen & his wife & Lin Jili).

Lu Dingwen's wife gave premature birth to Lu Jianping (Vicky Zhao Wei) and died. Since Wuma (the male midwife) brought Jianping into the world, he stayed & raised her.

For 18 years, Jianping was raised as a boy & pretended to know great martial arts. One day, in order to scare away some nasty young noble men, who were bullying a young scholar named Shui Ruohan and two young monks from Shaolin Temple, Xiaolong & Xiaofu , she came up with a plan. She asked a well-dressed young man, who was drinking in the tavern, to pretend that he was the second eldest prince, who was said to like to walk among the crowd as a commoner.

Memorable Scenes